My Story

There was a time in my life where I felt lost, depleted and unsure of where I belonged and what was in store for me and my future. Who was I? Was this what life is about?

Through chatting with friends, I began to tap into my own soul, my intuition and I began to feel and listen. Once I turned the tap on, I could not turn it off. And for me, just like that my life began to profoundly change.  My change was not easy, looking at and taking accountability for your behavior never is.  I began to see the effect of my healing around me, and it was powerful. This is when I knew that I wanted to help others. 

Years later and continual investment in myself with taking classes on self growth and energy work. I stepped into my passion in supporting others, bringing self awareness and healing to them. This path that I have chosen has ignited feelings of self worth, strength and confidence within me. Once, I began to awaken my soul through these connections I started to create a new me.

Helping others is an energy or feeling that is like no other, whether it is with personal spiritual growth or healing on a physical, emotional and mental level.  For me it can be making my clients smile and for them to know that someone cares and is willing to listen and knowing that their feelings and voice are important.


I am married and have 3 amazing sons. I live in the country 30 minutes west of Saskatoon.

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