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Kathy is an incredibly talented woman who has a gift!! Her gift to work with the divine team of goddess and their energy is truly incredible! My sessions with her were life changing! Her ability to heal with her strong intuition and ability to connect with divine team of goddesses has personally has healed me in ways that I can't truly express in words. She was able to clear my body, heart and soul of past experiences of multiple losses of pregnancy. She was able to share powerful messages from the goddesses that I needed to work with and bring into my life. I feel very thankful to have met Kathy and I look forward to reconnecting with her. If you are reading this and are considering having a session with her, I encourage you too! She is truly amazing!! 
Vicki Wagstaff- Calgary AB


I have had little exposure to alternative types of healing in my life, but I have always been open to it, I just had no idea what a difference in my life, Kathy would make, upon the hardest journey of my life.  After the stillborn death of my 4th child, our son, Burke, I was really struggling to move forward.  I needed to find a way to be ok, I just didn't know how.  I decided to attend a group session she offered for women.  At the time, it was only a few weeks after suffering such a loss, and I was incredibly numb.  At that session, Kathy was able to offer me such an amazing amount of comfort.  Although, it was a very emotional time, I knew then, what Kathy offered was something that absolutely remarkable.  I have since then, visited Kathy to have her work directly with me to help aid in my healing process.  I cannot express my gratitude to her for guiding me to a much calmer and peaceful place within my being.  I value Kathy and what she offers as a true blessing and I’m so grateful to her for her incredibly insightful guidance.  I believe that with Kathy's gift, she has given me the opportunity to live a happy and positive fulfilling life moving forward.
 Janyne Szklaruk- Nanton AB

I have had 2 sessions with Kathy and I will tell you they have sent my life into a different direction. She helped me lift the veil of fear that I had and gave me the strength to continue my journey but with a whole new set of eyes. She is warm, loving and has a gentle confidence and power that makes you feel you are in a safe place with her. Thank you Kathy for being the person you are.
 L.R.  Alameda, Sask

I have been blessed to have Kathy in my life for many years. First as a neighbor, a hairdresser and friend. She introduced me to divine energy and with her support and guidance I have developed my spirituality. The goddess session I had recently with her cleared away hurt, anger and pain that has been accumulating for ten years. By following her suggestions I continue to develop more positive habits and am able to sustain a loving, caring attitude that impacts everyone I come into contact with. It is also a pleasure to see the positive changes in my friends after they have taken part in Kathy's workshops and personal sessions.

Brenda Jordan- Asquith, Sask

Emotional Freedom Technique

Kathy is someone you can trust with your heart and with your soul and spiritual well-being. She feels you and may even cry with you, and you feel her. She had barely closed the door when I felt overcome with emotion. I knew something significant was about to happen. My appt with Kathy was life-altering.
 She helped me to let go of 16 years of resentment, guilt, and fear with a family member.
 And I mean let go. It was gone.
 I literally felt so much lighter when I left her. I felt light and bright and FREE. I was full of joy for the first time since I could remember. It changed my relationship with that family member. I only saw that person walk through the door, no longer attached were all the negative feelings and baggage. I was able to see them with fresh eyes and only love in my heart. This feeling only increased over the next few days, the purging of all those feelings was very emotional. If things start to creep up again, I just think back on how I felt that day and I am able to continue to let go. I've tried a lot of remedies and treatments over the years, and my EFT appt. with Kathy was by far the most effective and fastest way to undeniable results. If you have something you can't let go of and it's holding you back or hampering a relationship, Kathy is your person.


 This EFT is pretty amazing stuff. I had been having really bad back pain that would literally take my breathe away several times a day when I would move a certain way. It even hurt to roll over in bed. I felt like I was trapped in a 90 year olds body. Nothing seemed to help tried chiro, massage, loading up on pain pills, it just wouldn’t seem to give. I was getting really FRUSTRATED. Finally reached out to Kathy for help. In about an hour my back pain was probably 90% better. I couldn’t believe it, it’s like it just lifted and I could actually move again. It was so stiff and awful for so long I don’t know that I even realized just how bad it was until all of sudden it was just gone. Anyways, I highly recommend EFT and Kathy Huber. This all took place in about an hour over video chat. Didn’t even have to leave my house!

B.S.    Arizona, USA

Due to having pain in my mid back for 2+ years I made the decision to see Kathy for an EFT session. From talking with Kathy I related this pain began after a traumatic family event.  Kathy’s gentle, warm and loving nature gave me the confidence to feel in a safe place.  The tapping we did on my physical pain allowed me to release fears, anger, guilt, hurt and emotions that had been with me since childhood but had been stuffed so far down that it took this recent traumatic event for my body to realize it was time to let it all go.  Kathy continued tapping with me through the session and I could feel my whole body letting go – a truly amazing energy.  Before I left the pain in my back was gone and I mean gone - it has not come back since!!  
The next time I saw Kathy just seeing her started the flow of energy within my body which felt awesome!  I chose a Heart Energy healing – my heart, mind and body felt so much lighter – Kathy’s gift of using divine energy is amazing!  I am learning to be more open to trusting myself and my intuitions.  I feel calmer and in a more peaceful place emotionally and physically. 

I have continued working with Kathy and I’m very grateful for her guidance and friendship.  Kathy is a true blessing in my life.  Her gift of working with divine energy in truly incredible.  Thank you for being and sharing who you are!

Audrey Reed, Elrose SK

 Gathering of Hearts Workshop

I attended  one of  Kathy's Gathering of Hearts workshop - I was struggling with letting my heart be relaxed and open rather than so guarded. I've been working on this for the past two years but I was stuck. The way Kathy communicated, sharing thoughts and wisdom, and the guided meditation at the end, really opened me up and I released this block. I feel open to new endeavors and at peace. Kathy has a gift to assist you to heal. 


     Truth - Faded Memories Workshop .....Past Life Healing
       I think past lifetimes effect everyone to some degree.  In this case it was my marriage. It came to a point where my husband and I were so angry at one another yet we didn't even really know why.  Our future together did not look promising.
       While attending a past lifetime workshop of Kathy's I had a past life surface which involved my husband from this lifetime.  The event that was presented was catastrophic.  However, with Kathy present she was able to guide within me the forgiveness and receiving that was necessary to start the healing of this experience in this lifetime.
       As I went home and greeted my husband the words that came out of my mouth were surprising.  For the first time in a long time the words were kind and gentle.  The shifting of energy had already started.  I truly do believe this experience saved our marriage. 
       Thank you Kathy,


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