Pathways of Ascension - Kathy Huber


I was guided to help with the healing of Mother Earth.  
I began to listen to the wisdom of the goddesses, Luna, the moon goddess and the African Earth Goddess, Mawu.  Their messages are of love and light and they are requesting our help.

It was with great joy that recorded my first meditation CD with Mawu.  

I am very excited to share the wisdom and healing meditation with the Goddess Mawu.  It is available now!!!

Starlight Healing Meditation with Mawu

"I highly recommend this gentle healing meditation using the high vibrating silver energy from the moon, the stars, Mother Earth and the Goddess Mawu to cleanse your chakras and empower your soul.  Feel yourself gently relaxing to the grounding vibrations of Mawu channeled from the wisdom of Kathy Huber."
-Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes

The price of $22.50 includes shipping and 
handling fees.

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