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Personal Healing Sessions

 I work out of my home office near Asquith Saskatchewan and I am flexible with days and times to serve the needs of my clients.
If you unable to have a session in person and would still like to connect with me, I do offer distant sessions as well, via Zoom/phone.  Contact me more information

 I also travel around Saskatchewan and Alberta communities to do sessions as well. To see where your closest location is and when I will be in your area please check on the the Classes and Events link.

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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has changed Kathy's life dramatically, in a VERY short time, allowing her to release fears, anger, sadness and letting go of limiting self beliefs. Leaving Kathy with little or no charge or emotion left on the issue. Kathy tapped on her physical pain that she had for years and AFTER ONE SESSION, IT DISAPPEARED!  

What is EFT?
 It is a guided gentle touch(tapping) with mindful vocal attention to thoughts and feelings. It involves tapping with our fingertips on the acupuncture points of the hands, face, and body while temporary focusing on an issue we wish to resolve. 

- relieve stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt etc. 
-Improve or eliminate some types or physical pain or discomfort. 
- help heal the effects of emotional trauma
-fears and phobias
-move through limiting beliefs to open us for greater possibilities.
SO MUCH MORE....Contact Kathy if you have any questions

It is recommended to commit to 3 EFT sessions, but of course it it at your discretion. 

 Kathy is an accredited certified Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) Practitioner through the Association of the Advancement of Meridian Energy Technique.(AAMET)

1 hour session 

Heart Based Energy Healing

This empowering session offers deep healing with channeled messages from your divine team.  Kathy will use hands on healing using ancient and unique techniques, crystals, and the energy from these divine beings to help rid any fears, self doubt, and self worth.   You will feel your heart fill up with love and you will discover the strength within your being to move into a new positive direction. This healing is on a soul level, and those that are ready to receive and accept, and to look within them, will find it life changing. This session is confidential.  This Session is 75-90 minutes long.

The fee for a Heart Based Energy Healing  is $110.00

Coffee with Kathy
Intuitive Guidance Session

This session can be done by distance or on the phone/zoom

Join me at my home or over the phone/zoom, as I connect with your divine team to help bring clarity into your life and to help you make decisions from you heart. This heart centered session is a place where you can open up and share your thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting.  

60 minute session- $80.00

Intuitive Card Reading

Oracle cards have beautiful messages from the Angels and Goddesses. I will use the oracle cards to relate messages to you, helping with you make decisions in moving forward in your life with clarity, trust and support.

30 minute reading -$40.00

60 minute reading-$75.00

Mentoring program

I am now taking clients to help teach, share and help others expand their spiritually. 
During these session, you will learn how to communicate in different ways with your guides and divine team. I will share with you what I knows, my experiences and how spirit has helped form and develop my intuition and whom I am today.... And so much more!!  

Are you searching to expand your spiritual growth?  
Do you get frustrated and disappointed because you FEEL you are not reaching your spiritual potential and growth? 
Are you willing to do homework and really commit to working on yourself?
I invite you to go within and feel if this is right for you.  If it is, please contact me and you can begin your journey of self discovery together.

I am offering 4 week and 6 week sessions.  These sessions will be once a week, and times will be set at a regular time. Each session will be 1.5 hours long.  These sessions are done via in person, zoom or phone.
With each week and session, the energies will keep building stronger and stronger.  Allowing your expansion to be all that you want it to be.

4 week session- once a week for 4 weeks consecutively.

6 week session- once a week for 6 weeks consecutively.

Past Life Reading

Do you have reoccurring patterns and relationships in your life? Do you sabotage your self, have addictions and unexplained phobias and fears?
Join me along with your divine team as they gently guide you back through meditation into a past life or lives that may be connected to these issues. As this Past life memory occurs, you will see, hear and experience this memory, just like it happened yesterday. This healing and awareness of these lives is profound.  It will give you clarity and peace of mind that these are some of the lessons and karmic shifts that you are here to experience and balance in this lifetime. 

60 min Session- $150.00


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