Pathways of Ascension - Kathy Huber

Another passion I  wish to share with you is my heart connection to baking! I provide a variety of cookies for all those that wish to have that"from scratch" taste with no preservatives.  Just like mom or grandma used to make.  My love for baking has become a real treat for many....  Baked to delight, my cookies are different than others.... Infused with  the energies of joy, creativity, and tenderness.. So that you experience the TRUE TASTE of love!!   From My Heart to Yours..... Heart to Heart!

With each cookie order you will receive a personal reading channeled from the goddess/angels

Popular varieties of cookies are: Gingersnaps, Chocolate Chip, Brown Sugar, Chocolate fudge and her famous Sugar cookies.

Prices are as follows.  Minimum orders of one dozen of one item.

Cookies: $12.00 per dozen  $1.00 each

Sugar Cookies:$18.00 per dozen   $1.50 each


Please allow a minimum for 72 hours when ordering.


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