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2019 Workshops and Classes

Inspired Living at Home

Home Parties

Welcome to Inspired Living at home !!!

"I love doing these.. Guided by spirit to gather friends/family differently to add a modern twist to home parties."-Kathy

This is a time for you and your friends to get a break and enjoy each others company while laughing, and connecting as a soul group in the comfort of your home.
We will share stories and you will experience private intuitive reading from Kathy. 
Kathy loves to connect with people and offers her knowledge of intuition to others. 
What are you waiting for.... Book your Inspired Living at Home party today!!!

The fee per person is $40.00

If you want Kathy to come to your community, contact her today!!
Check for a location near you!!


Gathering of Hearts Series

These  gatherings are a collection of intuitive get
togethers that Kathy has been guided to share.
These enlightened afternoons are fun,
educational and healing!!

No dates listed

Truth-Faded Memories
Discovering Peace through Past Life 

 Dates will be announced soon!

Join Kathy as she connects you to the Truth of your past lives as you go deep within your heart, revealing and releasing the blocks in your chakras and energy centers. 
She will help you to unlatch doorways that have been blocking you from moving on with your life, diving gently into your past life or lives.  These Truths may be self sabotage, frustrations, addictions, and trusting yourself. 

Kathy will be working with the gentle, empowering energy of the Goddesses as they lovingly reveal your faded memories!!

This workshop will be an intense full day which consists of a
             Workbook, Snacks, lunch and Connecting with like minded people who want to shift their lives in a positive way!!
             Please bring a blanket and Yoga mat, and a water bottle.

Non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

The remainder of the payment due the day of class

Full payment is $150.00

Testimonial  for the Truth- Faded Memories 

       I think past lifetimes effect everyone to some degree.  In this case it was my marriage. It came to a point where my husband and I were so angry at one another yet we didn't even really know why.  Our future together did not look promising.
       While attending a past lifetime workshop of Kathy's I had a past life surface which involved my husband from this lifetime.  The event that was presented was catastrophic.  However, with Kathy present she was able to guide within me the forgiveness and receiving that was necessary to start the healing of this experience in this lifetime.
       As I went home and greeted my husband the words that came out of my mouth were surprising.  For the first time in a long time the words were kind and gentle.  The shifting of energy had already started.  I truly do believe this experience saved our marriage. 
       Thank you Kathy,


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