Pathways of Ascension - Kathy Huber

I have always had a connection and relationship with my divine team. Once I began to follow my intuitive guidance  my  journey and path were presented to me.  I realized that inviting the divine feminine, angels, and other joyful energies daily into my life,  I began to feel light and expanded.   Working with the divine feminine energy and angels  has been life changing for me.  I learnt that being open to trusting the knowledge and wisdom that is  presented to me.   Not only did I feel  strength and support, but this loving energy has taught me how to stand up for myself,  to respect and honor myself, to show self dignity and self love. It truly fills my heart!  

Courses and certifications that have changed my life that I wish to share with you.
I have received training and certifications in
-Accredited Certified Emotional Freedom Technique through AAMET international
- Instructor with The Goddess healing Matrix System
- Reiki Master
-Member of NHPC


Asquith, Saskatchewan
Monday-Sunday, by appointment, please contact me through the Contact List on this website.

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